Dr. Arthur Sommerville, Founder of S.E.E.

Mr SommervilleFollowing his graduation from Northwestern Bible School Dr. Sommerville left home, sensing that God had called him to be a missionary to Europe.   Unable to get a visa for Russia, he ministered in Czechoslovakia near the Russian border.  When the iron curtain fell and he could no longer serve there, he ministered in deportation camps to refugees who had been forced by the Nazis to leave their home.  A short time later, God burdened his heart for France.  It was in France that he met Irene Cochran, a missionary to Africa, who spoke French.  They were married on September 18, 1948, and the two of them began a successful ministry together in France that would last for over 65 years.

His first established a church in the city of Bordeaux.  Sensing God’s leadership to start more churches throughout the country of France, he founded the Society for Europe’s Evangelization.  He then established a church in Toulouse, where he also established a Bible school to train young people to serve the Lord in France.  His unique ministry which included training young people from America along with young people from France together into “gospel teams” led to the establishment of at least 15 churches throughout France and hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming to know Jesus Christ as savior.  Almost all the churches he started are still functioning today and many are still being pastored by men who were trained by Dr. Sommerville.

Dr. Arthur Sommerville went home to be with the Lord on May 4, 2020, due to complications from cancer. He was preceded in death by his wife Irene in 2013.  He was first and foremost a servant of the Lord who loved God and served Him faithfully for over 70 years in France.  He was loved by thousands in both France and America and will be remembered most by those who love him as a man of tremendous vision, faith, and prayer, accomplishing things that many would have thought to be impossible.  He was always trusting God to lead him in every endeavor he undertook, and expecting the Lord to return at any moment.  His wit and wisdom were always entertaining, and he will especially be remembered for his burden for souls and desire to see a “great gospel preaching church in the heart of Paris.”

Dr. Steve Fowler, International Director of S.E.E

unnamed Dr. Fowler first became a part of S.E.E. in 1985 when he was asked by Dr. Sommerville to serve on the home council.  He continued to serve in various positions with S.E.E. (president, vice president, member at large) promoting, and supporting the work until he became the American Director in 2012.  At that time he began traveling back and forth to France and worked with Dr. Sommerville in evangelism, training, and building up the churches throughout France.  In 2020, soon after the passing of Dr. Sommerville, (and at Dr. Sommerville’s request), Dr. Fowler became the international director of S.E.E.  He plans to continue the work that was started by Dr. and Mrs.  Sommerville until the Lord’s imminent return.

Emmanuel & Gina Bozzi, French Pastor & American Missionary

1003261_10151475353582828_2042623148_nEmmanuel and Gina are essential members of the ministry of S.E.E.  Emmanuel is the pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Paris (the largest and  most recent church started by S.E.E.).  Gina came to France to train in our Bible institute as a young lady fresh out of high school.  It was there that she met Emmanuel, who was a student at the institute and was preparing for the ministry.  Together they have a very effective ministry in Paris and throughout the country of France.

Karolyne Williamson, American Missionary


Karolyne first came to France in 1968 and continues to be an important part of the ministry of S.E.E. both in France and America.  She is actively involved in recruiting young people in America to consider giving their lives in service to the Lord, particularly in the needy country of France. She travels back and forth between France and the U.S. regularly to assist the churches, work with our evangelistic team in France, and to be an encourager and helper as needed throughout the country.